Language Proficiency Coursework

The English Language and Cultural Studies (ELAC) Program offers courses to support international students. Depending on placement scores, incoming graduate students are placed in appropriate ELAC courses in their first year at the University. The faculty of the ELAC program work closely with the Office of International Admissions and the Office of International Students and Scholars to support students entering the University.

ELAC Courses Include:

  • ELAC 0011. Writing Workshop: Grammar through Editing. 1 Hour.

    This class is designed to assist upper-intermediate to advanced non-native speakers of English improve their academic writing at the sentence level. Students' writing is analyzed for grammatical accuracy; students develop strategies for editing their writing more independently and learn to produce clearer, more grammatically correct writing.

    ELAC 1023. Academic Writing Across Disciplines. 3 Hours.

    The class is designed to improve the academic writing and critical thinking skills for non-native speakers of English in all fields. Through focused instruction and extensive practice, students will improve their academic lexicon, grammatical accuracy, discourse organization and fluency in formal academic writing.

  • ELAC 5033. Research Writing for the Social Sciences and Education. 3 Hours.

    This research-focused writing class will help graduate-level non-native English speakers in the social sciences and education communicate their understanding of course material and research more accurately and effectively. Students will focus on the genres specific to their fields. They will also improve their ability to orally present their ideas.

  • ELAC 5043. Research Writing in the STEM Fields. 3 Hours.

    A research-based writing class for graduate-level non-native speakers of English that focuses on the demands of writing in the STEM fields. Students will develop their ability to accurately and effectively use the conventions of scientific writing. Students will improve their ability to orally present their research.